i think i should have because some classes were just a waste of time

i am afraid i am going to miss your party as i have to cram for the history exam

i’d like to learn astrology

i’d like to learn english.

i’d like to learn to play the piano


i am looking for a tutor who would teach me over the Internet

computer-literate – umiejacy obslugiwac komputer


bunk off school = uciekac z zajec ; miss classes

i need to study for the physics midterm

my son is going to graduate with honours. i am so proud !!!


graduate with honours

expertise – wiedza, umiejetnosc specjalistyczna


to make a guess about this one

we must have a minimum of 5 enrollees for the class to be held

enrollee – osoba zapisujaca sie na kurs


i want to get my certificate framed and mounted on the wall

mount – montowac

sorry for my handwriting. i hope you can read this scrawl [bazgroly]


she displayed unusual intelligence

straggler – spoznialski, maruda

przybleda [zwierze]



sail through something = breeze through something – poradzic sobie z czyms

he is an ACE = master

i aced my exam


sail through test = breeze through test = ace the test

flinch – wzdrygac sie

personal identification number


alum = grad

i am boning up on english advanced vocabulary !!


don – AmE mafijny bos

BrE nauczyciel (oxfrod, cambridge)


smart alec = know all

smart arse = smart ass


why are you such an arselicker


toadying – wazeliniarstwo


no, i just puffed up my cheeks

the number of missing letters is suggested by the underlines, underscores


independent and self-reliant – samodzielny

allum = grad = graduate


attendance is not of the highest of importance here


when you study Medicine yo need to memorize a lot of formulas and definitions

she had been granted for her outstanding results

it is a non profit organisation that helps fight illiteracy through the distribution of books


new york collage


numeracy – umiejetnosc liczenia

after concluding her research [conclude – konczyc]


associate in business

don’t ever take anyone for granted

points of interest


grade point average = GPA – srednia arytmetyczna

a minimum grade point average of 3.0

it cannot guarantee your admission





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