9 to 5 job

the position was vacated by a woman who got pregnant and decided to go self-employed

compensation = remuneration

sabbatical – urlop naukowy ; urlop dla pracownikow naukowych


shore leave – pozwolenie na zejscie na lad

i set up my own online shop

9 to 5 job – regularna praca przez 8 godzin dziennie

i will ask the gofer to mail this letter for you



trade union – zwiazek zawodowy

she achieves all goals that she sets for herself

she is a real go-getter

he is the one who supports the household [menage] – wage-earner = breadwinner



she was given a few days off when both her parents died

the boss informed the employee that he would only be working for one more month

she is an eager-beaver = she is industrious, energetic and her enthusiasm for an extra work load never wanes

human dynamo = fireball



he may not say much but he surely delivers [keep promises]

chairman – someone who is in charge of company bla bla

he was appointed chairman of the committee [przewodniczacy komitetu]

post = position



when the director went senile [starczy, zniedoleznialy]

pension off – retire

he was offered an attractive retirement package

they were send away to the rural areas where they came from



time off work taken by an employee due to health reasons

sick leave

i dreamed you into life

an organization of workers formed with the objective of pursing common goals

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