we need something to hold on to

don’t you ever be lonely

pauline had to bone up on her english before going  to london

i will love you endlessly


take me into your heart

samples will be handed over at the end of the demonstration

he told her off for not doing his homework


she went to art school and then dropped out after the first term

on and on – ciagnac sie bez konca

clam up = be quiet

let your emotions be your guide


utter a word

abide by the rules

follow the rules


it goes on and on !

dry your eyes

i need to bone up on German vocabulary

she couldn’t utter a word


the meeting dragged on and on

be quiet and get on with your homework

all application forms must be handed in next week

jot down – zanotowac


complete the sentences using the words provided

he is Swington grad [graduate]

the admission procedures may change in the future


he made use of his newly acquired skills in teaching practice

our grandma shared her wisdom with us

it is a subject to change – podatny na zmiane


he cheated during the exam

he used cribs during the exam


make use of it

draw on sth [korzystac z czegos, siegac do zasobow]

you must live a shallow life poor you


draw on a cigarette – zaciagac sie papierosem

bring it on 😉


i don’t want to flunk the test tomorrow

flunk = fail – oblac egzamin AmE

i am going to hit the books now


i was always afraid i’d get caught

they honoured him with the tile of preceptor of the year so i suppose they must appreciate his teaching skills

i lost the track of time and my bearings


he is excellent at taking notes so he breezes through exams anyway

i never used to play truant when i was at school

hindight – madrosc po fakcie, po analizie



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