forget about him once and for all

i have never met a more alluring woman in my whole life

you have to clench the fist first

she said that through clenched teeth


i am such a sloven..

could you dress neatly just for once?!

i ain’t gonna cry

you and i will always be together

almost there ๐Ÿ™‚


they continued to play appearances hehe

i had a blast

we had a ball

we enjoyed ourselves very much



oh, come on, we are not at work now.

you can relax and enjoy yourself

you can let your hair down – mozesz sie zrelaksowac


when we arrived at the party it was at its busiest and liveliest moment

it was a relationship that only lasted one evening, until the morning

one-night stand – przygoda na jedna noc


it was a one night stand relationship

extragavant – nadmierny, kosztowny, dziwny, przesadzony

they really went to town with


jim used to tease other children at school terribly, but the grew up to be a lovely, gentle person

we arrived at the party in its full swing

jim used to be ย a terrible bully at school


bully – lobuz, oprych

she does everything so slovenly

hen party – a party for women only ๐Ÿ˜‰



critics have prayed his staging of hamlet

staging – inscenizacja

pass the time

pass the night


housewarming party – a party celebrated in occasion of moving to a new flat

a party of people assembled to celebrate moving into a new home


and then he comes along..

slumber party – domowa impreza z noclegiem dla dzieci

is there an admission charge?



are you sure it’s all right if i leave tomorrow instead of today?

i would not like to overstay my welcome [zasiedziec sie]


i am a sworn interpreter by vocation!

this is a doctor by vocation

you are such a lightweight. you had one beer and you’re tipsy already.. ๐Ÿ˜›

i could not understand anything he was saying – he was steaming drunk


to skim over a book – przebiegac szybko wzrokiem

to skim over a book

to slog away at english

bone up on history

hit the books – siadac do ksiazek, uczyc sie




burn the midnight oil = stay up late

i clenched my fist and punched him

now that i’ve finally graduated


booty call – telefon z podtekstem seksualnym

booty – tyleczek

now that i’ve finally graduated from university i feel so free

OK, it was nice chatting with you but i need to hit the books. i have a test tomorrow

i don’t need you to memorize this chapter, just skim over it so that you know what ย it is generally about


have you ever had any grade other than an A or a B

we need to burn a midnight oil if we really want to be ready with this project by tomorrow

DISSERTATION – praca magisterska, doktorska ; praca pisemna


i’ve been slogging away at my dissertation for weeks

we are taking a test tomorrow


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