overwhelming desire to succeed

nuclear family consists only of husband, wife and their children


do not answer back to your father ! – odszczekiwac sie

after their marriage broke up they sold the house

i drop in to see my brother on my way home every day



her offensive remarks turned him off

turn sb off – zniechecic kogos

they fell out over a boy they both liked and now they are not speaking to each other

chris was older and more experienced and i looked up to him.


parents are absent for the majority of the day




she was singing her to sleep

sing sb to sleep – spiewac komus do snu

i was celebrating my birthday



let’s paint the town red šŸ˜‰

i am not drunk i am just intoxicated by you


INTOXICATED – odurzony

dazed – odurzony alkoholem, uderzeniem







no matter the distance

hammered – nietrzezwy, pijany, zapity

hammered = inebriated


she had a solemn expression on her face, as before

i need to move forward


solemn step – uroczysty krok

wasted – nawalony, narabany [bedacy pod wplywem narkotykow]

she cut a square shape out of the cake


we sat at a square table drinking tea and talking

a square has four sides

the room was square in shape

the square was full of flower stalls – stoisko z kwiatami





hip – na czasie, wypasiony, spoko

with-it = trendy

tedium – zmudnosc pracy, marazm zycia


be like banging your head against a brick wall

bash – walnac, rabnac, grzmotnac

bash – skrytykowac kogos

every weekend we go to rave parties in the city centre


the tourists raved over london

my mum is always raving at me for staying up late at night

the film got rave review from the critics

By indolentlady

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