large it up = enjoy oneself

beauty contest = beauty pageant

taking part in the miss world contest

ballroom = dance hall

doorman – bileter



doorman = bouncer

the dog wagged its tail at the sight [NA WIDOK] of a bone

flop = washout – klapa, niewypal

associate – kolega, wspolnik, partner w biznesie


diversion – zmiana kierunku, objazd

room service – obsluga hotelowa

the bouncer threw the troublemakers out of the bar

we really larged it up last sunday

the party was epic



she turned up drunk at the performance ! can you imagine?

toiling away at the piano

if you are hungover, it is not my business

the hair of the dog that bit you – klin (alkohol pity na kaca)


i’d say they live high on the hog with all that partying and exotic holidays

live high on the hog = zyc na wysokim poziomie

she lifted her head listening attentively


convivial – mily, przyjemny, towarzyski, wesoly

you will have a whale of time – mase czasu

yeah tell me something i don’t know

roughly – mniej wiecej, z grubsza


to play charades – szarada mimiczna, maskarada

POUND=QUID [informal]

all-nighter – calonocna impreza



COEVAL – rowiesnik

he is coeval with my father

rub shoulders with rich- obracac sie w towarzystwie bogatych



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