ACHIEVER – high-flier

i will do anything you want

why did you do that

the playground isn’t used now

was this the playground where we’d been?


never look back

at the other side of the playground, i looked back again

amusement park rides are a real adventure


do they sell cotton candy at the amusement park?

i’d like to go to amusement parks more often

what a gig they did!!!


this graph[wykres] shows how much they earned each month

does it really show that much?

the film shows an important period in the history of poland

when did it happen?


dud cheque – czek bez pokrycia

dud – oferma, porzka, bubel, niewypal



it is battery driven

it is petrol driven

power driven – elektryczny, silnikowy


toil – harowka; ciezko pracowac

lets throw a party for your graduation

we love riding roller coasters so we go to amusement parks every weekend

every other weekend – co drugi weekend

every other day – co drugi dzien

every other month – co drugi miesiac



pleasure ground

we go to a pleasure ground every other weekend

we went to an awesome punk-rock concert last friday


it’s going to be so much fun

from day one – od poczatku


By indolentlady

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