enjoy the little things, for someday they will be the big things

your PC ran into a problem

see print on top of the packaging

shake before opening


after opening keep refrigerated up to 48 hours

i’ve got cloudy memories from that time

naturally cloudy – metny [ciecz]



no preservatives added

fruit juices

PRICKLY PEAR – opuncja (rodzaj kaktusa)

acidity regulator – regulator kwasowosci


these chocolate stains won’t COME OUT!!!


time goes by

as time goes by you will forget

FLAIR – zamilowanie, smykalka 

he’s got flair for

flair cleaners


your knowledge could come in handy one day.. don’t worry


e-commerce is a great invention [e-handel]

commerce and trade in flowers



what is your landline?


it can vary, so do not worry

tint one’s hair = dye one’s hair


the yellow tinted area shows the coverage of night buses


sizzling = scorching = baking = blistering

scorching hot

how to get on a reality TV show


you are getting the reality here

you will never get away with it


i will get back at you

reality you can get away with



crooked smile ; crooked teeth – krzywy usmiech, krzywe zeby

billet – kwatera, zakwaterowanie

he put another log on the fire


log = billet ; polano, kloda drewna

escaoe hach – luk bezpieczenstwa

hatch – wlaz, luk do statku

hatched – wykluty


do not count your chickens before they hatch

hatch – wlaz statku


the bathroom had clean towels and a basket of toiletries

articles used for cleaning oneself and grooming, such as toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.

grooming – taking care of yourself

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