put the gun down

this is a highly recommended book

i walked out on my wife


it is hard to me

my watch is more accurate than yours



reversible – odwracalny

my advice is to keep your eyes peeled

he has finally got it right


police squad – oddzial policji

pull out – wkladka w czasopismie


mildew – mould

dew – rosa

dignified = refined


are you gonna convince me


he is a convict!


after the accident he has difficulty walking

every visit has left me in a head shaking amazement

a bit of advice

a scrap of paper


what about a slab of butter

add smiley faces to your email messages

inbox me


put the gun down

why the long face?!

roll your window down please


fuse box – skrzynka bezpiecznikowa

plug the cable into the socket

most students benefit from private tuition


tuition fees

pastels, floral patterns

chipmunk = squirrel


he committed manslaughter


i could be someone


papa don’t preach

scruffy place

do not obstruct the doors

gate in constant use


humped crossing

keep clear of the doors

pitchfork – widly


i’ve been losing sleep

all that glitters is not gold


glitter = gleam

a warranty could now last a life-time

lifetime – dozywotnio



bus up to every 10 minutes

footwear retailer


places to eat inside the mall

close the door quietly, the kids are asleep

how to get the whole thing going?

give him my apologies


please accept my apologies


By indolentlady

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