unveil your beauty, angel!

i want to be praised for my merits!


hey george, use either hand to hold the door

you need to measure the width of the window before you change them

the room is about 5 metres in width


i have to admit that i feel a great respect for your accomplishments

what are the exact dimensions of this room?


he started to shoot and kicked the kitchen stool which broke into pieces

the traits of character my mum chose were also unique

wart – kurzajka


i pretended to have indigestion and spent the evening in my room

he liked to wear flared jeans, but on the other hand he found boys wearing skinny jeans very handsome


you must see the girl i picked yesterday

she told me she was going to pick up some men. how many? i was soon to learn

does that ring a bell?

heal your ego and build up self esteem


hit home

she changed her clothing style to suit her own taste

i love facing new challenges


By indolentlady

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