short term goal? hi tops converse still!!

genetically determined traits or upbringing we receive

inborn qualities

if you want to face new challenges.. you’ve come to the right place


we are going to the movies this evening

we’d love to get to know you


my fingers itch so much they’re driving me insane

i am itching to move forward

lilac scented

you need to write the number down


pin – personal identification number

i guess every person acts exactly the same

the boy who has made me the happiest girl on the earth


BASEBALL BAT – kij do baseballa


i’ve got nothing to do

one of our representatives will handle your claim

text claim to 2312


do i make you proud ?

we will get it resprayed – pomalowac na nowo



first the copper must be separated out

it can be seen from the outer space / cosmos/ space

how do they do it


still to come on how its made. how do they do it

our bakers pride themselves on the quality

please care as much as we do


everything is progressing well

open daily

daily newspaper


window ledge = windowsill

TRACING kreslenie


tracing the outline – kreslenie zarysu

you needed space

i am telling you !


we are never

tracing the outline

off you go!


i am off to work

i am off to school


let’s throw a party in his parentless house

it’s much cooler than mine

oh look he’s just moved upward!


subscribe = give donations ; prenumerowac – oplacac


you put your sweater on inside out

what size are you


this is a wind generator

i pulled a face

i love pulling faces


you look stunning/gorgeous

is it a new dress?

as the teacher spoke i became more and more bored


hi ya my sweetie pie, i brought you a little something 🙂

tootsie  – paluszki


you may kiss the bride

you stay here, i will go and look for him






By indolentlady

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