keep up appearances

coughing up blood 


baking = scorching = blistering heat blister – odcisk, pecherzyk

mulled wine – grzane wino

gammon ; knuckle of pork

malt whiskey – whisky slodowa

malt – slod, dodawany do piwa

malted milk – napoj ze slodu w proszku


smoothie – zmiksowany i slodzony napoj bezalkoholowy na bazie owocow

malted milk balls i am reticent about my personal life

excavations  = archeological dig


GROVE – zagajnik, kepa drzew 


there is a pine grove next to my house grove – gaj, zagajnik, uzywane w nazwach ulic


he just made a fool of himself

a common thread

eyebrow shaping and hair removal technique originating from Asia


CLEANSING MILK – mleczko kosmetyczne

beauty parlour – gabinet pieknosci, salon kosmetczny


sign in = register


i could smell the fragrance of her deodorant

his sprayed deodorant under his arms


roll-on deodorant



cotton pad

cotton bud, cotton swab, Q-tip


cotton pads

i wouldn’t buy those things on instalment system


to use dryer place hands under nozzle

stainless steel – stal nierdzewna

puzzled = perplexed he seemed a bit perplexed, but who could blame him


she shut the door, frowning, obviously perplexed

ha ha ha! i remembered that one! i am not lost yet ! thoughtful = pensive

just because i am losing it does not mean i am lost


nozzle – dysza, otwor wylotowy molar tooth – zab trzonowy




wisdom tooth gingivitis – gum inflammation

you cannot prevent dental caries now


above- named

aptly- trafnie okreslony = accurately defined


you drew it very accurately/ precisely


i will try to describe her accurately

correctly in every detail

aptly named 😉

blacksmith – kowal

locksmith – slusarz


it is the largest city

goofy – glupkowaty, durnowaty


my watch is more accurate than yours



accounting service

every time i try to reach you on the phone


cream for mixed skin


massage therapist

i watched you go


moisturize moisturizer


HYDRATION – nawilzenie

she opened her bag and found a nail file


NAIL FILE – pilnik do paznokci

castaway – rozbitek


half-hearted = not completely positive about something


GIVEAWAY – prezent reklamowy

stem = stalk – nozka kielisza, lodyga STALK


cliched – banalny, oklepany


your idea is cliched

it was a furtive glance over shoulder

surreptitious glance

covet – pragnac czegos, patrzec na cos z zadroscia long for something, to look at something with jealousy

olive grove

orange grove

lemon grove

palm grove

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