i need to develop ladylike manners

it was tiny

in tiny pieces


spanking – lanie, klapsy

you deserve a spanking


topple – obalac sie, przewracac 

the table nearly toppled when he leaned against it

the dish toppled



stern – strict


even though the morning was hazy, it cleared up

blurred = hazy

i have only a hazy memory of the childhood birthday parties



bringing education to people that cannot get it right now

lily confided in her sometimes

i wish he loved me back


i won his trust


cut and blow-dry – strzyzenie i modelowanie

draw back in shock = take step back in shock


draw back the curtains

there was a growing bond between them

croup – ZAD! [u konia]


police made their rounds – pokrazyc

it made her mouth water 😀

gluttony – obzarstwo


work harder !!!!

you need to get rid of a speck of dust on my camera

how to get rid of dust specks?




By indolentlady

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