i have finished redecorating the house

were becca and steve in love with each other?

there are many people in the streets today

it was very windy all week


i am very happy to see you

this time tomorrow i will be at work

this time tomorrow i will be reading


how do they usually travel to work

where did you go on your last holiday

does he do a lot of sports?

do you do a lot of sports


he won the lottery

we did our shopping at the market yesterday

this soup does smell delicious


i used to play football very well

i worked all they, it rained all day

i am going shopping


auxiliary verbs – to do, to have, to be

finally i have finished redecorating the house

mischievous smile


guys, the purpose of our meeting is to get to know each other

the main character gets killed at the very beginning of the book

we made quite a profit by selling our old house


it was a very difficult choice to make

i made an appointment with my dentist for tomorrow

who made such a mess of this place ?



i can make an exception for you and let you come along with me

dont get angry i am just doing my job



By indolentlady

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