i am a creature of habit

i need 20 bucks

i’ve come to realize that it worrying is worthless

i am wasteful


i spend money on the spur of the moment

let’s  not beat around the bush


he was just playing prank on me

let’s think of playing some prank on him


i am a creature of habit – jestem niewolnikiem wlasnych przyzwyczajen

i am here in times of trouble

comfort in times of toruble


i will help you in time of need

could you get us a table?


will you excuse me?

what are you doing up there?

it’s unattainable



they behave as if they were newlyweds

happy couple


he was hitting on you

you knocked me off my feet

yeah yeah, the tour is about to start


someday i will be big enough so you can see and hear me

why you gotta be so mean

i don’t want those words coming out of your mouth again


i need to catch the morning train

you should take your duties more seriously

unfortunately these days you travel less comfortably due to traffic and bad road

this time you’ve done worse on the test than the rest of the class


the children are behaving more noisily than usual

u need to work harder than usual if you want to finish the project on time

this is the worst written essay i’ve ever written


he sings better than all of us


little less the least

are you old enough to buy cigarettes

sweet smelling air


i go to bed quite early

is the soup salty enough to you?

she is fully devoted to her work


usually i have toasts and scrambled eggs for breakfast

where is the key? i’ve looked everywhere

you gotta laugh





By indolentlady

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