hunger is making me angry

i will make you an offer you cant refuse

YOU CLEAN THE TABLE and i will do the dishes


i know it is difficult but it’s time to make the decision

it makes me so angry to have to listen to that rubbish

i never do my best at work but i have to make some effort to achieve my goals.. ugh


i will just do my hair, put some make up and i will be ready to leave

it does not make any sense to me. come on kids, make your beds and put the toys away

he made a promise he would never smoke again


i just made a suggestion

i don’t think a made a good impression

speak up please, because people are making so much noise and i can’t hear you


she was making fun of me? bitch

i am making war with michael

if i make some effort doubtless i will fail to make progress


you have to make a choice now

he is making a lot of money

i will make a phone call

i need to do my hair first


i need to do my duty and apologize t him

he is doing the dishes

my boyfriend has a degree in geography


where is he from

where does he come from

tell me please what you’ve decided


SHOULDER PAD – ochroniacz barku

moose = elk


no offence

you could declare spinsterhood

he is hideous = unsightly


what about flaccid muscles

she has flaccid muscles

i gotta be strong


lets go have a beer . its on me

he kissed her goodbye


apart from that i don’t have anything against him

smack = slap =spank

i am trying to keep my voice steady


By indolentlady

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