for the moment i am an uncut diamond

you know what?  i am gonna climb up the ladder of opportunity

did you receive a calling?

anyone has this tuesday off?


no recipient selected

the clock struck seven.. i have not done anything yet


give him a tickle

i tickled his chin

jack put out a finger to tickle the little cat’s head


SETTEE – sofa = couch

TICK – kleszcz

i could hear a clock ticking

does it ring a bell? does it sound familiar?


he is strict

she gave him a stern look

it was a warning look



did you have to bring up this topic?

he was dressed in sunday best

tie the strings of new bonnet please 🙂


i am gonna be here in times of trouble

it made him feel sick to the stomach

in all likelihood he killed her


sure thing, but the end justifies the means

most of the time i throw caution to the winds.. i take a risk


i cleared my throat and denied all the allegations

hold your breath

i am sorry, i was taken aback, i did not know what to say to comfort you


i wonder if i crossed your mind that day

are you able to do the splits? [szpagat]


lets go halves, i don’t want you to pay for the whole dinner

pauline is really vivacious = energetic person

i had a really restless night


i had a restless night that is why i am insufficient at work

i am ready to leave. what are you doing ?

lets have lunch at the restaurant

this room has a lovely view of the sea


we always have a huge family dinner at Christmas

kelly always has butterflies in her stomach every time billy calls her

i am your knight in shining armour

he has been away for two months now


i have been away for six months now

lung cancer is caused by heavy smoking

smoking or non-smoking compartment


when was the telephone invented ?

the invention of the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell; 1876


there are twenty five people in my company

i travel in first-class compartment

i am very pleased with my job



By indolentlady

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