am i afraid of my own shadow?

you need to behave properly otherwise i will ask you to leave

i feel he is everything i’ve ever wanted


the weather changed rapidly

the weather changed quickly

dont you like it .. you’ve hardly tasted my stew


he was accused of stealing the money from the till

the man acted very bravely saving the girl from the fire


lots of people were badly injured in the earthquake

i want to speak english smoothly

not everything goes smoothly


you behaved very irresponsibly

they got married and lived happily ever after


please drive carefully and slowly. it is really slippery

it’s too late to catch me now

he was wrongly accused of stealing the documents


i am gonna turn a blind eye to it.. no worries 😉

the boss will be with you shortly

tom nearly lost his leg in the accident


the profits were rightly shared out

he is afraid of his own shadow


By indolentlady

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