you’ve got to laugh

if i had more motivation i would study more

if they cleaned the windows, the rooms would be more light


if i could park my car near the office i would come by car

if my car was stolen i would call the police

if your mum arrives, i will let you know

if we are hungry, we eat something  [not necessarily]


if i were you i would not buy this coat

what would you do if someone gave you a lot of money?

if you eat all those sweets you will be sick


is he helping you out

i just wanted to help you out, give you a ride


let me give you a ride home

can you give us a ride to the city centre?

CUSTOD – areszt sledczy


wooooork, stop fooling around !!


talkative, careful, with good memory, cheerful, polite, good looking


employee, employer

further listening about Jay and his problems at work


i am getting much better at school these days

can you play the piano

do you belong to a football team



wolly = jerk, dumbass



do not let yourself slip into depression

i will keep it in my mind


get some goggles

reading the article and doing exercises


disabled =handicapped


No pain, no gain !  keep working, come on !


achieve = accomplish = attain

it is out of my reach

it is not! keep doing that!


it was his response

he did not want to see me again


what about backpacking? what would you say?

what have you got in your rucksack? it is really heavy



i wonder if you could help me with this

lets go to the gym. you need to.


spelling and punctuation test



i am staying in youth hostel, but i am thinking about moving to quest house

how many hours of classes are there a week

how many hours of work are there a week


could you tell me how many hours of classes there are a week

how much does the course cost


sign a contract, agreement – to put your name on a document agreeing to work for someone

extending your vocabulary

means of transport


what about the length of holiday

how can i laugh if i have a nervous breakdown

what about the camping stove


gunpowder plot – 5 th of November 1605




she was reading a magazine when i saw her

he has been lying in bed all morning

a person spends an entire day lying in bed

lying in bed is unproductive? tell me about it


she is deeply depressed, lying in bed all day, barely eating, drinking some spirits constantly


i have never smoked a cigarette in my life

he has not left his office yet

i heard you inherited a fortune after your uncle’s death. when did he pass away?

i wish i’d gone to see my father before he passed away

we have been waiting for mrs brown for two hours but he has not shown up yet


mary ate three pieces of cake while we were sitting in a dining room



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