walk around / my haven

i forgot to take my digital camera, that’s why i could not take photos on exhibition yesterday 

doing exercises

the indians had taught them how to plant corn /how to grow plant/



annual pilgrimage

they thanked GOD for his grace

the winter was very hard


many pilgrims died of cold and hunger

whisper = murmur

she murmured the answer and nobody heard her / no one heard her



he was traveling alone to boston

he is a douche bag

late in the evening, chopin was composing in his music room

beethoven was walking around vienna, when night was falling and the moon was shining

she strolled happily through the dark streets of london


somebody was playing one of beethoven’s compositions on the piano

opera, operatic voice


were you sleeping at 6 o’clock this morning?

DEFENCE EDUCATION – przysposobienie obronne

what is the best defence against mosquitoes?



i am a child prodigy, you will see

scientists are working on immortality. haha


it is gonna be like mortal combat..  someone has to die in such struggle; you cannot escape injured from the battle

i got stuck in a blizzard on my way to moscow


resourcefulness = creativity

you should not stay up all night before an exam

i just couldn’t come up with any ideas, with any solutions


she cut her blood vessels

i cant get you out of my head


could you mind the children for me?



he is emotionally unstable

ornament = decoration


magnus – medrzec

three MAGI – trzech medrcow


i am gonna decorate the door with ivy

i will hang mistletoe over the front door

HOLLY – ostrokrzew


sharing wafer – polish tradition

WAFER-THIN ham ;))


i am not gonna convert you to Catholicism



ginger bread

apple pie


poppy-seed cake

i caught hold of his arm and told him to calm down

i was elbowing my way through the crowd

beetroot soup/borscht


red borscht is a traditional polish soup made from beetroots

dumplings stuffed with mushrooms

steamed dumplings – pierogi gotowane na parze


bigos – stewed cabbage ; sauerkraut with hashed meat, sausage and mushrooms

safe haven 🙂

cabbage with peas – kapusta z grochem


dried fruit compote


jack rang while you were out

if i had known he was going to call i would have stayed at home


it is a pity i do not have a balcony.

if i had a balcony i would plant flowers in pots

if the rain comes early this year, there will be a good harvest



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