tug of war, hey remember sweetie

wishing you all the best 🙂

what are you up to?

how have you been?  = how are you


i will leave him a note

i’ve seen your announcement / notice

survey, questionnaire


i am gonna visit my grandma in the hospital [haaaard]

you are insufferably insolent


if you heat ice, it melts/ is it true or not?  of course, it is

if i had a dog, i would take him for a walk very often

if he comes, it’s gonna be fun


if i go shopping, i will buy you this bra you’ve been talking about

if i had a balcony i would grow flowers

further exercises


if it’s raining, we will get wet

if the sun is shining, how come it is still so cold outside?

if sun is shining, it’s warm


i am gonna await you

if you wait for a while, i will look for mrs brown

i will look for you and i will find you


if i was wealthy enough i would move to Caribbean

if the weather is fine, lots of people go to the seaside

if it’s snowing this weekend, we will go to the mountains


i will be very grateful, pleased, whatever, if you can answer the question at this very moment

i am running out of ideas here

if i were you, i would sell the house and invest money in something profitable


he runs a very profitable business

we had a really profitable discussion yesterday during one of our meetings

it’s a pity that you need to go out right away


i would like to express my deepest gratitude

come on, lads


he just vanished in the distance

you need to go across the street at the lights – przejsc przez ulice na swiatlach

it is far across the distance


customs and traditions


tartan cloth



he is just  a simple craftsman



competition = contest

competitor = opponent


a flock of birds were circling in the sky

next of kin – najblizszy krewny



is it worthwhile? i mean, is it worth my effort?






By indolentlady

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