this is really a piece of cake

proofread = to make a correction

Armstrong landed on the moon in 1970.


he is completely worn out [beat, exhausted]. he has been playing tennis for 6 hours

i havent taken a bath for three days

what time did you arrive last night?

which book were reading when i entered the room


do not wake him up! he has been sleeping for only 2 hours

the moon hasn’t risen yet / the moon hasnt  come up yet

Jane was living in Manchester when i saw her last time

she has seen him 4 times a week. who has seen him last time?

can i try those shoes on?



it is gonna rain any day now [shortly]

we should go home it is gonna rain in a minute

i don’t have any plans for tomorrow evening. maybe i will watch tv for a while

i am sorry but i cannot meet you on sunday. i am going fishing with daniel



is she angry with me? in that case, i will apologize to her

i am gonna make a salad for dinner

why don’t you ask Brenda? i think she might help you

why don’t you ask them what they expect from you



just have a look at my new timetable. it is gonna be an awful year

these bags look heavy. let me take one of them. i will take one of them. let me help you with one of them

can you pick us up from the airport? we are arriving at 6 in the afternoon

i am still using an old bike but i am going to buy a new one soon


she was running across the street when i met her yesterday

when did you start to learn French

how many have you already written? i have written 6.



a few days ago i saw a gorgeous dress in the shop window

it looked terrific on the shop dummy in the window

i love passing by and looking at the display window with gorgeous dresses

the boss was reading the letters when his secretary was typing

we have not heard from our cousin since he sent us a postcard half  a year ago

i am trying to extend my vocabulary



how to get better at english? 🙂  this is a piece of cake 🙂

it snowed last night / it rained last night

we’ve had this house since our father bought in 1950

i was flying to paris this time yesterday

what were you doing this time yesterday?



he’s got reddened eyes. he has been writing letters all day today

nothing has changed so far

did he go to the disco last saturday? no, he did not. he hasnt been there since may

the prisoner hanged himself in his cage/cell two days ago

have you read any good books lately?

susan has been painting this picture for 3 weeks now but she has not finished yet

By indolentlady

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