really.. count your blessings. be grateful for all you have

the desire to write grows with writing

DEER – jelen               HIND – lania


wharf = harbour

a couple of fishing boats were anchored in the harbour


appetizing = mouth-watering

this is a mutual history

bossy = overbearing


i am sorry i lost my bearings and track of time

modest and humble

i will give a vivid description of this park


i dont want to lose my good name

he is so generous he got her a brand new car

it is very generous of you to pay my college fees



i know that i need to keep calm but it really frightens me up

let’s bring up some quotation

you are wait-listed for a flight


if i was listed in telephone directory, people would ring me up

i looked up her number in the phone book

there were like 200 kowalskis in the phone book

you can find the plumber’s number in a phone book




By indolentlady

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