if you had put some mustard in the sandwiches they would have tasted better

i do not know the way to the station. unless Toby comes with me i will get lost

such a pity you’ve already seen this play. if you had told me that earlier we would have gone to the another theatre

you are completely wet. come and change quickly


if you do not take off your wet clothes you will catch a cold

listen to the sound of my voice

this apartment would be all right if the people above us weren’t so noisy


if you had taken your doctor’s advice seriously, you would not been seriously ill

the ground was very soft.

but for that my horse would have won



if you had arrived 10 minutes earlier you would have got a seat

but for his quickness i would have died

you would have seen my garden at its best if you had arrived here last week


i shouldn’t have believed it if i hadn’t seen it with my own eyes

if he had slipped he would have fallen 500 metres

if i had a map i wouldn’t get lost

if i had known you were coming i would have baked a cake


if he had known that the river was dangerous he wouldn’t have tried swim across it

if you hadn’t left that wasp alone, it would have stung you

if had realized what a bad driver you were i would not come with you


oh sorry, i did not realize it was my turn

but for the fog we could have reached our destination ages ago

if i had realized that the traffic lights were red i wouldn’t have crossed the street


if you had told me that he never pays his debts i wouldn’t have lend him the money

if you had not sneezed, he would have never known we were there

i lost my bearings and i had no map


if the driver hadn’t noticed the boy in time he would have run him over

why didn’t you tell me you were short of money?

if you had told me  i would have lent you some money


if you had been there what would you’ve done

unless you have an appointment you cannot see a doctor

unless the wind changes it will rain

unless we finished work in time we won’t go to the pub



prices will go up unless the government takes some actions

unless you passed your examination we will not have celebration

what will happen if i press the button?


if the milkman come, tell him to to leave two pints

what do you want me to do when i hear he burglar alarm

unless they turn that radio off i will go mad


WORK HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


someone will sit on your glasses if you leave them here

i could repair the roof myself if i had a longer ladder

if you were made redundant what would you do?!

i would slip into depression!!


we will have a really long way to walk if we run out of petrol here

you wouldn’t have so many accidents if you drove more carefully and slowly

three different berries blended together


loganberry – combination of raspberry and blackberry

IF YOU HAD WORN A FALSE BEARD nobody would have recognized you


i suffer from pneumonia and cough and coughing up blood

if she leaves the fish there, the cat will get it

dopoki nikt nie postawi lampy przy tej dziurze w ulicy, ktos w nia wpadnie


unless they leave some lamp beside the hole in the road, someone will fall into it

if you don’t change your wet clothes you will catch a cold

you will get pneumonia if you dont change your wet clothes


she would be able to walk faster if the shoes she was wearing weren’t sandals

i would have brought you some beer if i had known you were thirsty

if you had touched that electric cable you would not have been electrocuted



dial 999, if you want to call the police, fire brigade or an ambulance


you wont be any to  use for me unless you learn to type

if anyone attacked me, my dog could jump at his throat


if you find a skeleton in the cellar, don’t mention it to anyone

if he was at home he would answer the phone

if i had had the courage i would have kissed her


if she practised more she would win the contest

if you ate less, you would be less efficient at work

if you had checked the petrol before, we wouldn’t have run out of it in the middle of the road


unless you study harder, you will not make a progress!! UNDERSTOOD?!

if you didn’t shake the camera so much, the movie wouldn’t be so blurred

if you had asked for his permission, he would have let you go









By indolentlady

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