he delivers final Sunday service

if plant does not get water, it dies

this snake can grow to 1.5 metres

where is the garden hose ?



if you continue playing with the garden hose, all garden will be wet

birds would not fly if they had heavier bones – ptaki nie latalyby gdyby mialy ciezsze kosci

if i was a Santa Claus i wouldnt enter the house through the chimney


he swam across the sea

they are driving across the bridge

the tradition of santa claus entering dwellings through the chimney

climbs down the chimney and exits through the fireplace



hard boiled eggs

soft boiled eggs


she ate three hard boiled eggs

try harder! 🙂


what would you like for breakfast? scrambled eggs or fried eggs?

when i was a kid i used to keep a diary. i would write all my secrets and concerns on those pieces of paper


i really did use to hate spinach and Brussels sprouts/sprout

she used to listen to boy bands

i used to sleep with a beloved

i used to sleep with a toy soldier and a toy car


i did not use to wear lipstick

i used to wear a lip gloss

i used to go to bed very early


now i am used to going to bed late

i love staying up late

i used to drive a tractor in the countryside


lecture room/ lecture hall / lecture theatre

this guy is so troublesome

stanley is a very troublesome child


it is a NUISANCE having to queue for everything

stop making a nuisance of yourself

what a nuisance! i left my phone at home


is it OK if i use your dictionary?

yes, of course


feeling sorry for yourself

arrive at the theatre a few hours before the performance

she insists that we go to the theatre more often

when was the last time you went to the theatre


he has written a few theatre plays

when we arrived at the theatre, the play had already begun

when we came, she left

when we came she had left


when we came to visit them last week, their neighbor told us that they had gone

ditch day

do you mind if i visit you tonight?

when i opened the letter, i noticed somebody had already read it

when i asked about the book i ordered a week ago, the librarian said it had disappeared


honestly, i cannot even count how many times i’ve been asked about it

my head started buzzing

buzzing in my ears

buzzing through my head


i will ask him about it when i see him

she often asks about you



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