fortune teller.. what the future holds?

farewell letter


value your life!



deck – talia kart

shuffle the deck


cupid’s victim

cupid shooting arrows



what course of study do you intend to take

what educational qualification do you have including those relevant to the course

what do you want to do when you have finished your studies? i am gonna become a sworn interpreter. YOU WILL SEE! YOU WILL SEE


i could be someone

expenses = outgoings


do you believe in doom’s day

these days toxic fumes are everywhere. you cannot help it


energy saving bulbs

he is a lumberjack

he put another log on the fire


sawmill = lumber mill – tartak

LUMBERJACK SHIRT – koszula flanelowa w krate


it is all in the PANTRY – spizarnia

lumberjack shirt = flannel shirt



cellar, basement


reference = source

i wish i had accepted the invitation

i wish he had worked harder during the term

i wish i had a WORK PERMIT šŸ™‚


you dont deserve me at my best

if you cannot handle me at my worst


if you don’t give me the money back, i will not lend you anymore

if i were patty i would change hairstyle

if you read a lot you are a clever person


yesterday i had to go on foot

yesterday i had to walk

i wish i hadn’t turned him down then


hashed meat


hatched chicken


my relatives will visit me this Easter

my next of kin will visit me this Christmas

lay eggs


they give her allowance/ pocket money every week

the boss damaged my bike badly

nobody can repair my broken watch



henry fielding wrote AMELIA

every time i go to a formal meeting i wear a suit

i’ll ask her if she comes

i will not help you unless you tell me the truth


what would you buy your wife if you won a million dollars

i wouldn’t have talked to her if i had known the truth




april fool’s day

in a cafe

i am in the cafe


if we have got the time we play various games

you can solve it in various ways

they were carrying boxes on their shoulders


i wish he hadn’t got the money last week

doing the quiz ! šŸ™‚


he is a busker – a person who entertains in a public place for donations

expressing hesitation, asking for repetition


they had come in through the window

they had thrown all her clothes on the floor


alias = nickname

my mum is a school teacher in a big city. the school is small but the city is big


the earth resolves around the sun

how to return something you’ve bought in a shop

i was really grumpy that day, i am sorry


in two days’ time

she blurted out – she said something without thinking


go on a school trip

conductor asked the passenger to show him his ticket


I AM BUSTING MY ASS HERE – zapierdalac



if she had got passport she would have visited london the previous day



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