all’s fair in love and war

this stain will not come off

did they go to the mountains last winter?

when did you begin to practise the piano?

when did you start to produce breast milk?


who ate your supper last night?

dont you worry, we are seeing our boss tonight

hey hey hey, do you even realize your mistake?


yesterday at 8 i was still working

an elderly woman fell over [collapsed] while crossing the street

elderly people not always understand the young ones


my watch was made of plastic

your heart is made of stone

what fabric is your dress made of ?


cheese is made from sour milk

plastic is made from petroleum [ropa naftowa]

petroleum = oil


their prices are directly related to the price of oil

i have never been to madrid

is this a flight to madrid?


revision exercises

how long has he been learning German?

i’ll see you on Monday

when she was resting i was cleaning the windows



who has already read this book?

why didnt you invite her to the party last night?





how to get invited to a party?

aw-shucks – an expression of modesty

seeming to be modest


do not worry, it will soon pass

the day passed really quickly

several hours passed


i have been working in this company for 6 months and i have already met most of staff

i do not know Mrs Blair but i’ve known his wife since i met him at university two years ago

john has a new mercedes. he bought it two years ago. i’ve had a new honda since thousand and twelve

he was painting his room all day yesterday!


work harder !!!!!


when did you start to learn French?

do not worry, i will help you unpack the shopping

i will achieve my goal even if i have to repeat all those sentences and exercises a hundred times


yes, i am seeing a doctor in the afternoon

on Tuesdays English lesson starts at 8 a.m. [ANTE MERIDIEM – latin]



the last day before the start of Lent, celebrated all over the UK by making and eating pancakes


work harder!!!! bastard!


you will have three children

fall into depression / slip into depression

are you falling into depression trap?


depression can affect anyone at any stage of life

it is a struggle, but if you hold on to each other, you will make it through


you will make it through, but you have to work harder!!!!!!

why do people get depressed



stop being so negative






By indolentlady

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