this mischievous look

skip = omit

if only I could turn back time


you are at an advantage

canary wharf

you are advantaged


wicked things

bank & shore of the river


20’s plenty – is a default 20mph speed limit for residential streets and urban streets

he is an urban landscape photographer


tailor alterations

lager – piwo jasne pelne



accounting service

log cabin – chata z drewnianych bali



dental surgery

spare tyre


LAKESIDE DINER – polozony nad jeziorem

no parking at any time

disabled = handicapped



just help children get active man

CATTLE GRID – przeszkoda dla bydla nakryta


CONFECTIONERY – sklep cukierniczy, cukiernictwo; slodycze, ciastka

in loving memory of aida who loved to watch life go by and from here you can do the same


no dropping litter

underperform – I am less successful than I expected


UNDERTAKE A TASK – podjac sie wykonania zadania


a pail of water

a bucket of water

you smashed it


the surface was really uneven


hey, time will tell       😉

do not dream your life.. live your dreams


the best is yet to come, you know that


By indolentlady

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