tears poured down her face because she sensed sincerity in them

uncomfortable silences. why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshits in order to be comfortable

you go and see to tabby


it was only then when she cried

the pain was gone

‘I won’t fail you,’ she said, wiping her eyes on her apron. it’s your damned god that has failed you this time

how can you serve him when he rewards you like this

this is how he tests us, lifting her chin up so he could look right in her eyes


it must be a great deal easier to deal with anger

you alone control your own destiny


I wished there was something I could say to ease your it


there was nothing, only time was going to do that

she was dusting the parlour [salon kosmetyczny, masazu, tatuazu]


a long-awaited letter from HIM arrived



she ran straight out to the back yard to read it



but you will see all this for yourself

write to me as soon as you’ve booked your passage


counting every hour until I can hold you in my arms

take sth in – to get something


she had to read it twice before she could really take it in

she could not possibly make arrangements to leave immediately

putting the letter in her apron pocket, she went back indoors, but as she continued with the dusting her mind was in a turmoil



turmoil = confusion

her mental state was causing great concern to her husband

she stayed in her bedroom staring at the ceiling, showing no interest in anything, not her daughter, husband or even food



he could lie there in her own mess

there was no medicine which would help, ONLY TIME AND PATIENCE



Patience was something Matilda was running low on.

she thought there was more to this than just plain grief, perhaps even insanity.


he wanted to shed this heavy burden of responsibility

she wanted to have a little home of her own



fate appeared to be conspiring against her

he was up in his study preparing a sermon for Sunday morning


it had grown hotter and sticker all day

one moment the sun was shining, the next the sky suddenly turned black



she ran outside to the yard to bring in the washing from the line, and by the time she’d collected the last sheet she was soaked

it lit up the kitchen brighter than a dozen lamps



she screamed in horror

‘it cannot hurt us,’ matilda said, pulling her into her arms.

it sounded it was on top of the roof

the rain lashed down in torrents


torrent – silny prad, ulewa, rwacy potok


the rain lashed down in torrents, shaking the windows

she patted the little girl’s bottom in the direction of his study



I will just go and check on mamas window

billow in the wind


the curtains billowing in the wind

she was just lying there in bed staring into space


matilda shut the window and mopped up the rain on the floor with a cloth

the street’s like a river already


something SNAPPED inside her

snap – peknac



she was expecting matilda to walk on her hand and foot. – dogadac komus, skakac wokol kogos

lie there feeling sorry for yourself for as long as you like

if that’s what you choose to do, you will be carted off to the mad house


do you know what mad house is like?

her eyes widening in shock to hear Matilda speaks so harshly to her


no one washes or combs your hair, you will get lice and rats will come in at night and scamper over you

and all you hear is the other people wailing

do you like the sound of that?




there was no reply, her eyes staring in bewilderment

she had felt every kind of emotion towards her mistress

admiration, scorn, amusement, envy, irritation, fondness, pit



she wished she could be detached = indifferent

along the line = in the process


somewhere along the line the woman had got under her skin and into her heart

lily was holding out her arms to her



‘I know I am behaving so badly. But I cannot help it.’

you have got the finest husband in the world

put sth to rights


he wants to put the whole world to rights

and he could if you stood beside him

credit to sb – byc czyjas duma


such a credit to you

matilda’s anger vanished as suddenly as it had erupted


she was rocking her mistress backwards and forwards in her arms

i’d do anything to make you better

after all the unkind things I’ve said and done?


you’ve been my rock, my sister and my friend

sent items


she could not go and join him just yet





By indolentlady

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