she did not believe in herself enough to deal with anything unknown

‘is it morning yet?’ Tabitha asked the boy as he bent over her.

chamber pot – nocnik

I tidied the bed, shook the pillows


the cough seemed to have gone too.

she had no recollection of any of the events of the last few days

I stayed in here to watch over you


you do anything to make them understand

I reached out for the book


I cuddled her in my arms and smiled at her

‘oh honey,’ he exclaimed, his face breaking into the widest smile. ‘Now that’s what I call a good start to the day.’


fucking punctuation  – I will overmaster it 😉

she was not able to express her joy with the same exuberance


I could not help but wonder how she’d cope with the tragedy, if good news affected her so badly

and there was still so much work to be done

she followed her down the stairs



grabbing up his clothes, he disappeared down the stairs.

‘are you losing blood?’ she asked gently

not necessarily

some women lose blood all the time they are carrying



let me get you into a clean night-gown

SKIMPY – that’s the word I’ve been looking for

she HAD ON a skimpy nightgown


could you speak more slowly please?

the sheet beneath her was SOAKED IN BLOOD


the cloths she kept for her monthlies

all the while = all the time

she was talking all the while to distract her


averted look – odwrocone spojrzenie

fortunately, she was so embarrassed at Matilda washing her in such an intimate place that she kept her face averted and did not

see the bloody night-gown or sheet

just as she finished she SCREAMED OUT IN PAIN


make a sentence please

veins popped out all over her face and neck


she could do nothing more than hold her hands and urge her to stay calm and try not to cry aloud as the child

might wake up and come down


tears rolling down her cheeks

‘he wanted this baby so badly,’ she whispered HOARSELY

I’ll be letting him down again


she could even forgive her callousness [bezdusznosc]

he really loved her, she saw that daily

the did not even come to see the ship sail away



neglect of children came in many forms

lack of interest was the cruelest

robbed the child of confidence



I looked around – there was nobody else in sight

in a sudden flash of insight she saw it

she did not believe in herself enough to deal with anything unknown, whether that was disease, poverty, or a new country


she even imagined she was unworthy of her husband


she asked for chamber-pot


he had chosen to rob them of a child which would be loved and well cared for


yet nightly [co wieczor] he allowed babies to be born to those without even a roof over their heads,

when to them a miscarriage would be a blessing







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