imma trickster ;)

first come, first served

it was 4 months after she miscarried her baby


loving missive = loving letter

he penned whenever he felt the need to pour out his feelings about her , his new position,

his new life


by the spring she would be fully recovered

by the summer she would be really fluent

she assured him she still loved him as deeply


it appears to him I took he position on false pretences


such events as losing child was commonplace

she should be grateful she have enough to eat, a healthy child and a roof over her head

what do I gotta do to get you in my arms



girls had to weed and hoe – pielic, usuwac motyka

weed and hoe fields

condone = to agree with stt, accept sth



that left me feeling sickened

indignant – oburzony

they took out their spite on the black man

pour out


she felt for him that he had to work long hours and then go home to an empty, cold, house with no comforts.

comforts – udogodnienia


what had changed him enough to speak of a woman in terms of a housekeeper

she had painted such a rosy picture of the life they were going to share


the more she compared them, the more angrier she became,

for she suddenly realized that was this one, written in RAGE, which was the true picture of him and his work



SEDUCTIVELY pretty and false pictures

why hadn’t he ever introduced her to anyone he knew

or insisted he met the milsons


standpoint – point of view – SLANT

she presented a curious slant



yeah, you would see another slant to his character

slant – popierajacy, sklaniajacy ku



holding back from love-making

he fondled her hand



how to get satisfaction himself without the risk of impregnating her

fake = trickster = deceiver = swindler


he wanted to marry me to give him more plausibility = credibility

she was beyond tears now

he lives in a cottage owned by a man who makes children work in the fields


it made me sick to the stomach

she could never marry any man who did not speak the truth

soften towards him


NY was grim, depressing and gloom place

the city with icy winds sweeping in from Atlantic

icy winds, leaden (olowiany, ziemisty) skies



stance = position = attitude = approach

freezing wind

fresh complexion

frequent falls of rain



hosepipe – waz ogrodowy

a garden hose hung on the left side of the house

water pump often froze up



she started at a small school on Broadway

she was very often withdrawn

exhausted = wiped out = beat = worn out




it forms the boundary between New York and the state of New Jersey

I had botox injected into my crow’s feet


toll suspension bridge = you need to pay to get through


Bear Mountain Bridge – New York it held the record for the longest suspension bridge in the world for 19 months until it was surpassed by Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia



Bear Mountaaaaain Bridge



a toll suspension bridge


Benjamin Franklin Bridge

is a suspension bridge across Delaware River, connecting Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Camden


TORONTO yayayay





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