human frailties

they set off to discover why two girls who had been attending school regularly had suddenly stopped coming



NY was indeed the city of extremes – so much wealth, but so much poverty, so colorful and lively, yet dismal and cheerless too.

hope yet despair, joy yet sorrow

even her own feelings ranged from love to loathing


I was managing to force a bright smile

cape – peleryna

her t-shirt was really skimpy


if I could choose a color for you it would be bright blue to match your eyes

it brings out your eyes


let that pretty blonde hair loose from the pins

just to hear your laugh

I thought you had a sweetheart last year


matilda GULPED [swallow]

there was someone for a while, but he’s gone away


I did not turn out to be the kind of man I thought he was



I was too fond of myself in those days


I believed my calling made me superior to other men

I often doubt my faith

making him really boyish



it was your only goal, you did not look beyond that

what do I want out of life?

I don’t need to figure it out, I already know what I want


when she gets old she wants to look back r life and know it was a worth-while one

I didn’t quite make my point

keep it tightly in your head and don’t ever let it go

let me hear you laugh again

let that man go from your heart if he was wrong for you, and start over


life is too hard and short to spend most of it sad

how to push the face of the man she used to love out of her head


towards the docks

new York was the most dangerous place on earth

they were trying to clean away the ash that had crept in all over the house

I cannot live like this, never knowing when the next disaster will strike




just think how good it would be to walk in the countryside, to see apple blossom in the spring and have tea on the lawn in summer

his health was fading, his health was deteriorating


English middle class traditions

don’t you miss those things too?

she was more like a younger sister than servant


she was seeking his company more and more

on several occasions she even’d asked her to stop calling her madam and use lily instead


i’d give anything to see my father, to go up on primrose hill

primrose – pierwiosnek

see the tower of London and all other places I liked


lily stamped her feet with indignation

we could have such a good life in bath or somewhere like that


she smiled in fondness

at times lily was very like a spoiled child, sunny when everything went her way, sulky when it didn’t

you know he isn’t a man to turn back on his ideals


I am not a girl to turn back on my ideals

that is the most admirable thing about him, madam, few men are so steadfast in their beliefs



By indolentlady

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