passing the time

in the first instance you have to forget about this girl!

she has to be smartly presented

ARTICULATE – elokwentny


work permit

working abroad

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY 🙂  pranks

April Fools Day equals PRANKS !


Dear Mr Brooks


Our class has decided to arrange a magnificent trip to the Alps for the weekend.

The excursion will start on Friday, 27 March and finish late in the evening, Sunday, 29 March.

There are places available in a 5 star hotel overlooking beautiful leafy park.

they had come in through the window

they had not broken the window

they had eaten some pizza



hey had not stolen the TV

i look forward to hearing from you


dear editor,


i am writing in connection with an article ‘why tv is bad for us’

effects of bad health habits

health condition



I saw a man with a dog. The man was short and the dog was big.

My mum is a school teacher in a big city.

The school is big but the city is small.

The earth resolves [turns around] the sun and the moon turns around the earth

In London’s store i bought a bag. The bag was the most expensive one in the shop.


reported seech

yesterday – the previous day, the other day

next week – following week

last week – the previous week, the week before

john said i love you


john said that he loved you

she said ; my friend cheated during a test yesterday

she said that my friend had cheated during a test the previous day

‘i am hungry now’ janek said

janek said that he was hungry



mark has just finished his homework – pauline said

pauline said that mark had just finished his homework

we will go for a school trip next month – the teacher said

the teacher said that we would go for a school trip the following month


we could borrow her umbrella

i will not ask anymore questions


By indolentlady

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