if only he came that night

if you do not give me the money back i will never lend you again

they wish she was sleeping

if i were patty i would change a hairstyle

if you read a lot you are a clever person / smart human being


wish you were here


lets go tobogganing


what are you so happy about?

lets make small talk


yesterday i had walk on foot/walk home

if i had some money i would take a taxi

i wish i hadnt turn him down

how do i turn him down nicely?


i wish my grandmother came/arrived next week

dancer takes the right steps

hashed meat


they give her allowance = pocket money every week

lilly of valley


counter = pawn

lily pad – lisc lilii wodnej

grande or something like that


someone turns everyone against me

shrimps = prawns

the specialty of this restaurant is fresh shrimp


they were carrying boxes on their shoulders

the boss will sack you, the boss will fire you


the bus damaged my car badly

the bus damaged my bike BADLY

the police are looking for the criminals


the boxes were being carried on their shoulders

you will be fired by the boss

my car was damaged badly by the car

the criminals were being looked by the police


should pocket money be given to children?

age range = age bracket


pushchair = buggy



all students should translate this poem

this poem should be translated by all students

children must obey their parents

i am gonna make a big progress


nobody can repair my broken watch

the manager has already fired two workers



I wish he would go to bath tomorrow

i wish she was with us now

i wish i could play basketball

i wish i didnt go to school the other day

i wish i gave him my homework yesterday

i wish he wasnt late that often / so often



By indolentlady

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