no me ames

they will accept the challenge of delivering high standards of customer service

our house is our castle

a tab – pojemniczek z pokrywka

i really do have a sweet tooth!!!!!



why do i have such a huge appetite all of a sudden?

increased appetite means an excess desire for food


at a restaurant = practicing vocabulary

has he already got molar teeth [trzonowce]




oh yeah, this food is filling must tell

its really greasy, feat

have you ever been convicted?

do you consider yourself to have disability?


low fat products

this bread is stale

it really is


for starters, dont behave like a child


garlic bread



steak and chips

burger and milkshake


for dessert

apple pie, chocolate cate, gingerbread, apple pie, cheesecake, poppy seed cake, ice creams


main courses

lasagne ; tomato soup ; chicken curry with rice ; spaghetti bolognese


pilgrims were persecuted

gloomy = somber = sombre

neither man smiled both remained tense and sombre


FAREWELL – pozegnalny

farewell letter


i received a farewell letter from my father

bow and arrow


questionnaire = survey

artificial flavor = taste


course of study = field of study = major

pope to resign


what course of study do you intend to take ?

without any doubts the field of study i am taking is english


first class only

what do you want to do when you have finished your studies?

when i have finished my studies i am gonna be sworn interpreter or fashion designer


i ll take care of this

go get em

i am calling it the end


we’ll stick together

except for you two


everyone inside

fortune teller



look into the future

within international project your class have received an electronic questionnaire from italian partners. the subject was environmental protection in the areas where you live. answer the following


what do you usually do with rubbish?

what means of transport do you use?

how do you save energy?


what do you do to cut down on water usage?

what do you do to reduce water usage?


never leave candles unattended

never leave burning candles unattended

we use energy saving bulbs


she got bedsores




nostradamus – he was capable of predicting the future





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