take a deep breath and enjoy your life :)

reddened eyes

did you think this fool could never win?

i am still standing better than i ever did


lets call it a day

ohhh many rivers to cross

tatra mountains is the highest mountain range


the place i long to be

if i had the whole world

if would give it away just to see you


the night seems to fade

the moonlight lingers on

there are wonders [amazement, miracle] for everyone


surely i would need a queen

she’ll be waiting in kingston town


layout – outline, the placement of the text


she was running tacross the street when i met her yesterday

when did you start to learn french?

how much have you written yet? I’ve written 6

a couple of days ago I saw a lovely dress at the shop display

the boss was reading the letters as his secretary was typing.

We havent heard from our cousin since he send us a postcard half a year ago

a half year ago

it was snowing last night

we have had this house since dad bought it in 1950

i was flying to paris this time yesterday

he has reddened eyes. he has been writing letters all day today

nothing has changed so far

did he go to the disco last Sunday? no, he hasnt been there since may

the prisoner hung himself two days ago in a prison cell

have you read a good book recently?

susan has been painting this room for the past three weeks but she is not finished yet



if the plant doesnt get a proper dose of water, it perishes

if you don’t water the plant, it dies

if you keep playing with a HOSE, the whole garden will be wet

birds would not fly if they had thinner bones

if i was santa claus i would not come into people’s house by chimney

if you misbehave, sanda will not bring you any presents

do you believe in santa claus


play at hose – dont take it seriously

all garden will be wet


he had to get through the chimney

the playground was full of other students

then a bell rang and everybody went inside

she used to keep a diary



By indolentlady

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