how to become fearless?!

sober-minded = demure – rozwazny

could you tell me what they are doing

could you tell me where the swimming pool is


i am writing in connection with an announcement on the newspaper

i need to look after him

i was at my aunt’s with pauline


the night was falling, so we decided to go to the woods as we were seeking for some scary adventure

i cant hold it any longer.. i need to pie


go into the forest = enter the forest

the person we saw looked like a ghost

this person was approaching us

the ghost was mumbling at the top of its voice : I WILL KILL YOU


i am just mumbling to myself

the person looked awful, hideous

wearing a dirty sheet

we started to run but he was just behind us,


lets race

we were racing in the street

i hope that such experience will never happen again

one afternoon in 1654 the man was resting under the apple tree

while he was sleeping an apple feel down on his head

after the incident he invented a splendid idea

you doubt your own ability to invent

all of a sudden he came up with the answer

he started writing a book about the idea of the process of falling apple

in the end, he published his theory of gravitation. this is one of the most important, outstanding

books in the history


the forest was very dark

we were very angry with him

i am gonna apologize to him

its not harmful, dont worry


dont you worry child


she is emotionally unstable

magnus – mag

three magi – medrcy


myrth – mirra

francincense – kadzidlo

HEATH = MOOR – wrzosowisko


poppy seed cake

midnight mass

we are going to midnight mass every year


if i want to get smart

i need to start smart




i bought a new tablecloth

santa claus

christmas custms in the us


writing a description

when christmas comes the streets and shop windows are beautifully decorated [ornamented]

BEJEWELLED – ozdobiony bizuteria


buy each other gifts

on 24 th december all people usually decorate a christmas tree

when the first star appears in the sky everybody start sharing


be kind and good to people, but make sure your having fun in the process

step out of the crowd !


feast comes next

sauerkraut with sausage, meat, mushrooms

hashed – posiekane mieso


traditional polish meals – cabbage with peas

mushroom soup


gingerbread, poppy seed cake, cheesecake



dried fruit compote – kompot z suszonych owocow

LENT – wielki post



if i had known you were in hospital i would have visited you

jank rang while you were out


if i had known he was going to ring i would have stayed at home

if i had a balcony i would grow plants in pots


if the rain comes early next year, there will be a good harvest

i want you to be fearless!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if i were you i would sell this house

have you read the story printed in this newspaper?

the newspaper wouldnt have printed the story if it hadnt be true


i dont know the way to the station. unless henry goes with me / comes with me i will get lost

such a pity you have already seen this play. if you had told me earlier we would have gone to another theatre

you are completely wet! come and CHANGE quickly. if you dont take off your wet clothes you will catch a cold


this flat would be all right if the people above us werent so noisy

keep clear of the doors


if we had taken his doctor’s advice he wouldnt have been seriously ill  now



give priority to buggy users and elderly people



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