break break break

you are not taking a raincoat ?


backpacking is a spontaneous, destination-free trip with a rucksack in order to meet new challenges, seek new, mind blowing adventures ;wandering, hitchhiking, without any certain destination.

hello, i would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding my excursion to Mexico City.

i got acquainted with your booklet and found out there is a possibility to set off on the 27 th march.

is this offer still standing?   if so,

could you tell me if insurance is also included in the package? what means of transport are available and how much does it cost?

could you give me also any information about the accommodation, food provided and finally any trips across the country?


guy fawke’s day of 1605 is celebrated on the 5th of november. [bonfire night, firework night]  this date is associated with some certain event. a hundred years ago a few assassins [ a group of english catholics] were trying to blow up the house of parliament . guy fawkes was a member of GUNPOWDER PLOT [King James I was reigning at this time and had survived assassination]


do you like ginger tea?

yayayay – its better 😉

treason, TRAITOR


i am really interested in the camping offer that is being held in Brixton.

hi there,

iam pauline – a 17 year old teenager from kijov, ukraine. i am interested in studying english in your still evolving school as a first year student. could you tell me if there are any places available in a pre-intermediate group?

if so, is it possible for school to help me out with seeking for certain accommodation?

how much might it costs?

please tell me how many students are there in the group

she was reading a magazine when i saw her.

i am short of funds


he has been lying in bed for the whole morning /all morning/

i have never smoked cigarettes

he hasnt left the office yet

I heard you have inherited money due to/after/ your uncle’s sudden death. when did that happen?

we have been waiting for mr brooks for 2 hours now but he hasnt come back yet

mary has eaten three pieces of cake since we sat down in a dining room


yesterday at 8 o’clock I was still working

armstrong landed on the moon in 1970

he is completely exhausted he has been playing tennis for 6 hours

i havent taken a bath for 3 days

what time did they come back last night?

which book were you reading when i entered the room?

dont wake him up. he has been sleeping for 2 hours

the moon hasnt come up/risen/ yet

jane was living in manchester when i saw her last time

she has seen him 4 days a week. Who has seen him lately?


we should go home, its going to rain in a minute

i dont have any plans for tomorrow afternoon. maybe i will be watching tv for a while

i am sorry, but i cant meet you on saturday. i am going fishing with daniel

is she mad at me? in this case, i will apologize to her

i am going to make a salad for dinner/supper/

why wont you ask brenda? i think she will help you

look at my new timetable. i am going to have an awful year

these bags look heavy. let me take one of them

can you pick us up from the airport? we are arriving at 6 in the afternoon

we are still using an old bike but we are going to buy a new one soon


expressing future






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