aint got a clue

as a matter of fact i want you to do me a favor

cough is good it gets you higher

beauty case


i’ve never gotten to know him really

ive got a sweet tooth





how’d ya feel about that?


i used to hate liver in the past

i did not use to wear lipstick

i used to sleep with a favorite toy

i did not use to listen depeche mode

i did not use to work


i used to quarrel a lot

i didnt use to like brussels sprouts


he is very lively

mathew is really shy and quiet, he doesnt talk a lot

janusz seems to be really outgoing, talkative and also smart


would you like to work as a messenger boy = courier

lecture theatre is a place where the lecture is given!!

i started shrieking at the top of my voice


lecture hall = lecture room = lecture theatre

this guy.. he is troublesome


PUBLIC NUISANCE =disorderly conduct

is it okay if i use your dictionary?


when we came to /arrive at the theatre the play had already begun

how many more times are you gonna change your profile picture?

when we came to visit them last week their neighbor told us they had gone on holidays a week ago

when i opened the letter i noticed someone had already read it

when i asked about the book i ordered one week ago, librarian told me it had disappeared

i had forgotten to take digital camera thats why i couldnt take pictures at the exhibition yesterday


she told me it had been missing

children were really bored during the exhibition

the indians taught them how to plant corn

they thanked god for his grace

the winter was really hard


MANY pilgrims died of cold and hunger


catchy, mysterious, spontaneous

he was travelling alone to boston = massachusetts


yummy. yes, its delicious

save me! sure 😉


late in the evening, chopin was composing in his room

beethoven was walking around vienna as the moon was falling and the stars were shinng

as the moon was shining


at the airport

somebody was playing one of beethoven’s compositions on the piano


what were you doing at ten o’clock yesterday?

I was using the computer


sitting in front of computer screen for 5 hours a day can dramatically increase the risk of depression and insomnia

cheers for the freakened weekend


were you sleeping at six oclock this morning?

skating rink


the first man on the moon \

you shouldnt say up all night before an exam

i couldnt come up with any more sentences


i was writing this description but i couldnt come up with any more sentences later on

scientists found out that sleep is good for our brains SO you shouldnt stay up all night before an exam


i was trying to commit a suicide

i had a certain reason, therefore i made up my mind and everything was set

cutting my blood vessels thats what i thought of



cut blood vessels



god created mankind in his own image


By indolentlady

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