i can be anything

what a bummer

why cant summer last forever

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Dear Tom,


My mum asked me to help renovate her flat, therefore, I had to leave.

I had done some shopping before I went out.

You can find a wide range of products on the kitchen table.

There is a mouth-watering pastry – croissants and buns, as well as

freshly baked bread and rolls, dairy products which includes : milk

(cereals are just over the sink in the cupboard on the left, next to

the finest coffee beans of yours), cottage cheese with dill and a dozen of eggs.

In case you want to make scrambled eggs, I put the frying pan in the shelf at the bottom,

near the dustbin. When it comes to oil, I left a 2 pints bottle on the kitchen worktop.

I should be back around 8 o’clock, but is possible for me to arrive later, if so, i will let you know.

When I am back home, we can watch one of mind-blowing movies of Quentin Tarantino’s  that I recently rented.


Enjoy your day,



By indolentlady

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