dont let love pass by

you two should meet up

how long has he been learning german?

who has already read this book?


why didnt you invite her for the party last night ?

she has been working in this company for 6 months and has already met most of staff

i fake a smile so he wont see


wont = habit


soda = fizzy drink


divine, breathtaking


i was painting his room all day yesterday

when did you stat to learn french?


i will help you unpack the shopping

description, short story, story, essay, review, survey, questionnaire, note, notice, announcement, formal letter, informal letter, postcard, invitation


you werent born yesterday, therefore, i suppose you are well-acquainted with the fact that if you heat  ice, it melts

if he comes it will be fun ; if i were you i would move to canada, ottawa for instance


if i had a dog i would take him for a walk very often

if i had a dog i would walk him very often

i am going to help you understand


a lot of people have hard time with this

keep the tip of your tongue down

joyous = exuberant


if i had more time i would read more

if your mum arrives i will let you know

if i were you i wouldnt buy this coat

if you eat all those sweets you will be sick


what would you do if someone gave you a lot of money?

where is the nearest ATM?  cashpoint; checkpoint

keep your recepit as proof of purchase



as soon as she realized her guest was a member of the royal family, she was all over him

i aint seen nothing yet

personality features, characteristics features


i just wanted to help you out, thats it

a waitress should have a good memory, working in catering requires memorizing a lot of orders


my name is pauline. i am twenty-two year old girl. i was born in cracow, poland but due to a huge crisis have moved to the us.

my next of kin an i are living in a lovely cottage just in the suburbs of milwaukee, tennessee. i’ve been taking pride in being an inhabitant of this lovely place and associated areas.  i am keen on sports. ive been swimming since i was a little girl and been skateboarding for 13 months now. i am modest, reliable and sensible person who keeps positive attitude at all times and is keen to help other people.


new zealand – wellington, auckland, god defend new zealand

in god we trust

star-spangled banner


i have to stop being sloppy[careless]

i am such a slob!!! how to change?


further listening about josh and his problems at work

i am over, okay?

hey everybody! i’ve got new look


my parents come from portugal

do they?


i am getting much better at english these days

i am falling apart

rushing and racing and running in circles


run in circles = running without making any progress, running, but eventually just staying at the same place

you should learn american english on a daily basis


running in circles

moving so fast and forgetting my purpose

blur of the traffic is sending me spinning


pace of the world

i just wish i could stop it

try to appeal/r like i’ve got it together

somebody take my hand



somebody plase !

blur – niewyrazna plama , cos co pamietamy przez mgle

this road leads nowhere = getting nowhere


take my hand and lead me

dont ler love pass me by


shallow water?

before the curtain dropped you left the show

ripple = splash


silent raindrops soothen my skin

there is a fantastic new entertainment in town

is there? thats so cool


what are you doing on Friday?

what a bummer

what size are you?


what are you up to = what are you doing right now

i’ve got my mind set on us


future arrangements and intentions

what are you doing tonight?

tonight i am staying at home. i gotta [need to] memorize some formulas for english exam


what are you doing this weekend?

i am going clubbing. we did some research and discovered a really nice club next to bethnal green

wanna come?

i am meeting my friend at 8 o’clock at the park


i should get going

i should be going

i gotta get going


what are you doing this summer?

i am going to the us



tatra mountains – it forms a natural border between poland and slovakia

if my number was listed in telephone directory people would ring me up


telephone directory = phone book


you are goggled eyed and no, its not a compliment

lets get you a rain coat

do you have a raincoat with you?


wolly = dumbass



disabled = cripple = handicapped

achieve = accomplish


did you reach your destination?

how many hours of classes are there in a week?

like 40


okay, i am gonna book a ticket



what was the length of holiday

how to get to brighton?


what kind of things do i need to take with me?

what kind of activities do you provide in guests’ spare time?


going camping can be really tough experience. you have to think twice before you really make up your mind.

no power, no electricity, no facilities,no goods are unavoidable. besides, there are certain things that may happen.

getting stabbed by a stranger, getting raped when trying to poo in the woods.

okay, you need : a torch, a sleeping bag, a camping stove, a rucksack, some plastic cutlery. when it comes to activities that can be practised – swimming, jogging, cycling and skateboarding are included.


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