there is nothing to hold you back except yourself

what would you do if you were not afraid?

i can enumerate all the states of america at the drop of the hat

have you ever tried tug of war?  [rope pulling]

did you ever get into a real tug of war?

have you ever had a tug of war with your mind to suppress certain thoughts?

stammer = stutter

hair loss?

my hair is falling out, help!

i fell in love with this guy

i fell out of love with this guy

the water was coming up

the moon came up as the sun was setting

i’ll be late, something just came up, sorry about that

the truth come out only after the fact

those chocolate stains will never come out

those tomato sauce stains will never come out

the sun came out

i came out ugly in a pic

you need to sign off your cover letter somehow

you need to write some closing statement

i’ll make a trip then


je t’aime

what does this abbreviation stand for?

who goes to the cinema every Saturday?

do you realize your mistake?

scotland :

tartan cloth, bagpipes, sporran, sword dance, tug of war, toss the hammer

far across the distance

did they go to the mountains last winter?

i did not use your car last week

lets go out for some fresh air


the earliest description of this specimen dates from 1789

type the word or phrase you want to look up here


how ya’ll doing?

By indolentlady

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