stay positive

sometimes when i think how wonderful my life could be i can hardly breathe

its wonderful to see you

making you feel surprise or admiration

its wonderful what you can do when you have to

he made it absolutely clear

there’s absolutely nothing more the doctors can do

i am not absolutely certain i posted it

if  you want to be certain of getting a ticket, you should reserve now

he agreed with them about the need for change

did you go to the party

i’d like to reserve a table for three for 8 oclock

i’ve reserved a room in the name of jones


i got another of those calls the other day

would you like another drink? one more, extra thing finished?

no i’ve got another three questions to do

i am really hot-blooded person, i want everything just right this second.

you are probably right my room is along the corridor

i’ve always been dreaming to take a course in design and art

because we havent heard from you in last 10 minutes we have logged you out of your banking session

what does this abbreviation stand for?

the moon just came up as the sun was setting

when did you begin to practice the piano?

oh yeah? i wasnt born yesterday

she is leaving tomorrow

a highly intelligent child


to believe i was lying on a beach only the day before yesterday

i dont have much money with me

there is always a lot of traffic at this time of day

i have a client with me right now

an elderly couple


i dont know mr brooks but i’ve known his wife since i met her at university 2 years ago

i will help you unpack shopping


where do you usually do shopping?

a shopping basket i will pass this exam even if i have to take it ten times


i am seeing a doctor in the afternoon come over on Sunday afternoon we got the news on the morning of the wedding




dear jan!

rome has been great! i’ve been living in an adorable, small guesthouse just in the heart of this busy city.

i am taking immense pleasure in having a room overlooking main square.

there are so many places to see and to marvel at.

i’ve been stunned by well-known, historical colosseum; got the chance to step down St peter’s square and finally witnessed a wide variety of wonderful shows taken place near marvellous Trevi Fountain.

i’ve been just wondering if my dog is being obedient and refrains from bringing you concerns.

I really need to go now, but can assure you i’ll keep you posted and ring you up in three days’ time.


lots of love,


By indolentlady

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