paint the town red

put a brake on toxic behavior

reciprocity – wzajemnosc, obopolnosc

it is the equal reciprocity of love which makes a relationship fulfilling to both parties

limerence Is the feeling somewhere between liking someone and being insanely mad about them

bastard – means either vicious, disliked person, or one born of unmarried parents

the land was not included in her dowry and was therefore hers alone

DOWRY – posag

adultery doesn’t always result in a divorce but usually causes a crisis in the marriage

virgin mary was espoused unto joseph

cradle = crib

they offer free medical care from the cradle to the grave

back in the day hobbit and I used to date

johnny is the old flame of mine

old flame – old love

my children have grown up and left home

empty nester – rodzic dziecka ktore opuscilo dom

I am an empty nester now


do you think he knows his wife is cheating on him?

do you think he knows he wears the horns

he started talking to me in a night club

he chatted me up in a night club = podrywac, flirtowac, zagadywac

jim acts as a friend when the times are good but he is never there when I need him


harry and sue are going out together, aren’t they



harry and sue are going out together, right?

harry and sue are an item, aren’t they ?


be an item – byc para, prwoadzac sie

heavy handed parenting – autorytarne,surowe wychowanie


a heavy handed parenting may leave a child anxious, depressed and withdrawn

it can may leave a child withdrawn – wycofane, wyobcowane


you are my best friend and I will always stick up for you, man!


stick up for somebody = defend someone


the deceased left his estate to his wife


the police are trying to find the deceased man’s next of kin

next of kin – najblizszy krewny


petty quarrels between siblings are natural and don’t usually signal any major problem

SCHOOL SWEETHEART – szkolna milosc

bryan married mary, his high school sweetheart. they have been together since they were 15 years old


CHAT UP LINE – podryw

you cant just walk up to every girl with the same chat up line



array of family configurations – szeroki wybor

BLENDED FAMILY – rodzina zrekonstruowana


children are shuffled

co- parenting – wspolne wychowywanie dzieci po rozwodzie

it takes place when parents that are no longer married look after their children


custody arrangements – plan sprawowania pieczy

joint custody – wspolna opieka

two incomes are required to financially support the needs of families

begetter – rodzic



parents are absent for the majority of the day and often have long commutes in addition to long, stressful work weeks

some are fortunate enough to work from home but this can also create a difficult environment when children are present


choose the word that is not synonymous with the other words in a line



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