we shouldn’t take life for granted

you are too chicken to tell him its over

I think that could be arranged


don’t be so hard on yourself

love is so short, forgetting is too long

I am running all the time

I really don’t know any other way


be sure to make mistakes

make a lot of them

there’s no better way to learn and to grow


the ocean forces you to dream

I insist you, my girl, be a dreamer

the thing that I’ve come to realize is it just doesn’t matter



it doesn’t matter if god exists or not, you need to believe in something. this belief will keep you warm and safe

and I want you  to feel safe all the time


you just be patient, and it will come to you, I promise

it will come to you when you least expect it


do you feel the sparks?

how’d it go?

constant hamster in a wheel



can you please help me find a place to be?

I feel like I never really quite fit

I am gonna seet to that

she is gonna know how much you loved her



you should go talk to him

whats going on in that head of yours


she’s gonna face rejection

its like a part of being a teenager


how you doing

it doesn’t matter who ends up with who




By indolentlady

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