we are what we repeatedly do

excellence then, is not an act, but a habit

life’s battles not always go to the faster or better man

sooner or later who wins is the man who believes/thinks he can

you gotta dream

you gotta protect it

you want something, go get it

being perfect is about being able to look your friend in the eye

you will never lose if you don’t try

but you will never win either

its your choice

fear of trying and losing

or the guilt of never trying therefore you haven’t won

failure is not they end its the beginning

you will be able to accomplish whatever you want

you don’t have to prove nothing to anybody, except for yourself



help other people achieve success and you will be successful

don’t you be afraid

you have to do the best with what god gave you

you re gonna figure that out for yourself

life is a box of chocolates

you never know what youre gonna get

By indolentlady

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