prenuptial agreement = marriage contract = marriage settlement = prenup

a contract made between woman and a man before the marriage, agreeing on the distribution of their assets

in the event of a divorce

ASSETS = items that have a big value owned by people; can be converted into cash

he proposed to her but she turned him down

boil down to sth – sprowadzac sie do czegos

it really boils down to the upbringing and the attention kids receive from their parents

don’t answer back to your father

after their marriage broke up they sold the house

I drop in to see grandma on my way home from school every Friday

they fell out over a boy they both liked and now they are not speaking to each other

her offensive remarks really turned me off

chris was older and more experienced, and I looked up to him

he proposed to him but she turned him down

alimony – support paid by one spouse to another after they are separated

TRYST – schadzka = a date, usually a secret one, with a member of the opposite sex

cuckold – rogacz, przyprawiac komus rogi ; a man married to unfaithful woman

significant order – a term referred for a person’s lover in an intimate relationship

meat market – miejsce latwego podrywu – a business like a nightclub where people typically look for a casual sex partner

I can give you my word that you are good at languages

COURTSHIP – is the period in a couple’s relationship that precedes their engagement and marriage

cohabitation – konkubinat = when a couple live together without being married to each other

is it a good way to test out the relationship?

she grew up with her aunt and uncle as a fostering

estrangement – oziebienie stosunkow, separacja – is a wise choice for people to put a brake on toxic behavior

he returned to his wife and engendered a son

sanguine – optymistyczny

consanguinity – pokrewienstwo

progeny = offspring = descendant

the odd one out

by-blow = bastard = illegitimate child

get out of here, you bastard !

reciprocity – wzajemnosc (czerpanie korzysci) obopolnosc

infatuation = crush

rift – szczelina, szpara

conjoin – to connect

conjoined twins – bliznieta syjamskie

espouse = marry = conjoin

adultery = infidelity

HIATUS – okres w ktorym nie sa nadawane reklamy

dowry – posag

intimacy took place on several occasions – w kilku przypadkach doszlo do stosunku plciowego

intimacy – bliskosc, zazylosc miedzy dwiema osobami

amour = affair = intimacy

stand-offishness = rezerwa, nieprzystepnosc

closeness = intimacy ]

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