is it possible for us to be friends ?

anything’s possible

fair enough 🙂

I used to be afraid of so many things

that I’d never grow up

that i’d be trapped in the same place for all eternity


that my dreams’ d forever be shy of my reach



one day you’re dreaming, the next your dream has become your reality

and now that this little girl no longer follows me wherever I go, I miss her [nah, I do not]


there are things I wanna tell her : TO RELAX, LIGHTEN UP

that it is all going to be okay

I want her to know that meeting people who like you who understand you, who actually accept you for who you are


it was the best of times

these people who contributed to who I am

mistakes were made

hearts were broken

harsh lessons learned


your best friend I might add

I only watch it to torture you

yeah? well, it works


I think you like the show just as much as I do

how dare you

postpone it. don’t give me that look

hey look I am sorry


I could appeal to your greater sense of compassion

no one suspects a thing

jen’s baby is too cute



I missed the theme song so badly, just rewound it and watched twice

I am so bad at responding


i’d forget, remember, then feel stupid for forgetting

come on, already

hey, you got tall


sure, go set it up

if he is not the one for me then who is?

i’ll go finish unpacking


she’s putting up a fight

this must be so hard on you

you just haven’t stopped hating yourself for it


they told me you weren’t gonna be able to make it

hey, watch it


you came to the right place

I gotta give you another hug


its been way too long


I don’t know what you are chuckling about


it’ll sober me up

I haven’t given it thought

he might never be ready to come out


he left me to raise a baby on my own

its really wonderful, parenting


my boyfriend lives back in stone age

you scared the hell out of me

its not as easy as it once was


did you know they put up a mcdonald’s

this is your moment, you have to take it

grab it, seize it


you are living your dream

you fell for pacey

do you mind sharing? because I could really use it today


this is definitely it

you should make the most of it

my past has become my future



you made your point

every twist and turn of the show in one minute


I cant stay in one place

feelings need to change and get deeper

we cant exist in bubble forever


maybe we should call it a day

I forgot how much fun I have when I am with her

you ramble when you are nervous



pacey’s stepping on my toes

will you take him back, please?

still breaking hearts?

we were dancing, she collapsed


she needs to go to the hospital

so very not funny



can I give you a call a little bit later?

you are hooked up to all those machines

pulmonary congestion – zator plucny



I’ve been trying to be okay with this but I cant do it any more

upload the last piece to their story

they sent you in first

jack told me that you’re dying but other than that everything is great


will you tell her that I came by?




By indolentlady

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