why wouldn’t you just say so

fear is the state of mind!!!

I want to know what the future holds



he decided to take a refresher course to solidify his knowledge

a refresher course – kurs utrwalajacy wiedze


in due course – we wlasciwym czaise

trigger off = cause




they wanted to kill those people by blowing them up with gunpowder

line graph – wykres liniowy

I am pressed for time – I have no time, i am in a hurry


behind the times = quaint, old-fashioned, out of date

i am behind time = after some certain time, i may be late



i cannot move into my new flat until next week so i am staying with my friend for the moment

for the moment – na te chwile

if i decide to take some classes i will let you know, but for the time being i am good



i had an hour to wait for the bus so went to look around the shopping mall to kill time

pass the time = kill time


he is bad for you in the long run








By indolentlady

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