if you want it for yourself, you can have it

the money he invested is gone

it leaves them questioning their future together

do you need anything else, sir?



more bread, perhaps?

you don’t have to call me sir, it freaks me out

i’ll be leaving now

why did you wait so long to ask me out ?



for a while there, I was otherwise engaged

i’d like to propose a toast, if I may

to getting to know each other better

much better


man struggles against the system

you are not really developing a mind of your own

this isn’t happening

what’s wrong


god is punishing me

everything is negotiable

what if I can’t wait that long ?

first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath


exams bring out the worst in people

you will get your asses kicked on a daily basis


you will do what you were put on this earth to do, which is being successful at whatever you do

I learned from the best

wanna make out?

I gotta brush my teeth



what’s his problem, it’s not like he did anything wrong

did you close the deal?

nicely done my friend

o my god woman, you are way out of my league

hold on one sec


how can you be so career-obsessed

and this other girl, she doesn’t know what she is missing

I am quite happy with the life I am leading


there’s a god and she is his favored daughter

how could I possibly drink any more coffee

we’ve been sitting engaged in this project for 2 hours now


I refuse to accept that

thank you for helping me out with that school thing

didn’t I say it was going to happen?

keep me posted


will do

well, does this celebration involve anything other than standing here?

I just wanna skip to the present part


in fact, there may be something inside here

you probably should check



all you have to do is say yes

thanks for coming

no one should be in pacey’s bed other than joey


joey kind of messed that up when she decided to go back to eddie

I couldn’t have said it better


actually I ran into a guy from my sociology class

I am being serious

this is not how I wanted this to turn out


I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want make things work

you are here to prove something to yourself

you are just gonna walk away?


have a good summer, jack and keep in touch

so prague first and then Budapest


or we could just skip central Europe and stay longer in spain

and plus, we owe it to kafka

that’s never ever going to work, now is it?



Sistine chapel – kaplica sykstynska

no, don’t you think you gonna get away with renaissance

van gough museum in Amsterdam


you wanna be practical about running away together

I mean running away together is not that easy as it looks on tv

I’ve done it before


we’re gonna get back in the fall

we’ll be starting school

we’re gonna be completely broke


it doesn’t terrify you?

plaza san marco in venice

we start over


rebuild things from scratch

with you in California and me here

whatever the reason is from running away

whether it be geography


it’s always gonna be there when you get back

you should ignore the opportunities that come our way

what would you suggest to solve these problems


I am trying to be practical

which means what exactly?

we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives working


maybe we should work for a month or two and then go?

we have the entire summer to take this trip

you don’t even wanna do this, do you?

of course, I wanna do this


yeah, but only on your terms

well, whose terms am I supposed to be doing this on

come away with me


poem – polm

those are only little pieces of unreality that we are not meant to base on

eventually we always have to come back

and deal with the real world


you are gonna wait sitting here for the world to come to you?

I am supposed to stop being who I am

she is afraid of taking chances


maybe you’ve just blinded me

I am depressed enough as it is


I am being serious. what’s going on?

settle down, rookie.


here we are again

right back where we started from

I do have other things on my plate now


this sounds like way too much fun for her to actually go though

read the part that’s marked

you can’t just turn back on your responsibilities and run away from them


I am not running away from my responsibilities

I am running to them

I’ve always kind of liked it



do you see my point?

did it seem like I was done

I kind of have someplace I need to be right now


do you really think I am gonna sign up for one of your classes again?

and i’d like that to be me ?

and I need an advisor

and i’d like that to be me


I’ve felt sick to my stomach all day

my other clients knew what they were getting themselves into

but my friend entrusted me with his entire life savings


how could I let that happen

that’s not acceptable to me

I have to fix this











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